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French Speaking Candidates To Get Additional Points

Canada’s immigration minister, Marco Mendicino, announced that French-speaking and bilingual candidates will receive additional points under the Express Entry system.

Prior to these changes French-speaking candidates were getting additional 15 points for their French skills. Now, the points allocation has been further enhanced, they will now receive 25 additional points for their language skills, up from 15. Candidates with both French and English language skill will now get 50 points, compared to 30 from before.

Let’s see how will be able to get these points:

If you score NCLC 7 or higher on all four French language skills, you can get

  • 25 additional points if you scored CLB 4 or lower in English (or if you didn’t take an English test)
  • 50 additional points if you scored CLB 5 or higher on all four English skills

These points will be adjusted in your express entry profile. If you are not affected, you don’t need to make any changes. Once you make changes to your profile it might take upto 24 hours to update your score.

This change has been made to meet a target of 4.4 percent of French-speaking immigrants outside of Quebec by 2023. 

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