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Navigating the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

September 12, 2023BY Amit Garg ( 0 ) Comment

Family reunification is at the heart of Canada’s immigration policy. For many immigrants, the opportunity to sponsor their parents and grandparents is a cherished dream. Finally, IRCC has announced the reopening of parents and grandparents for 2023.  In 2023, the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program (PGP) remains a vital avenue for bringing loved ones to Canada. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the latest updates, eligibility criteria, and application process to help you successfully sponsor your parents or grandparents to join you in this beautiful country.

Changes in the PGP Program

Before diving into the application process, it’s crucial to be aware of any recent changes to the PGP program. As per the latest announcement, the PGP program 2023 will not be available for people who submitted an expression of interest in 2020. On October 10, 2023, IRCC will send 24,200 invitations to apply to interested potential sponsors, aiming to receive up to 15,000 complete applications. Invitations will be sent over 2 weeks. While it is good news for people already in the pool as they will have higher chances of getting the invitation to apply, at the same time, it is disheartening news for others who were eagerly awaiting the PGP program to reopen. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, please visit the official website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or consult with an immigration expert. Policies and requirements can evolve, so staying informed is essential.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency: To be eligible to sponsor your parents or grandparents, you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Minimum Income Requirement: You must meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor your parents and grandparents. This requirement is calculated based on your family size. Your spouse can also become a co-sponsor to meet the income requirements. There were special measures in 2020 and 2021 where IRCC waived off to have the minimum necessary income plus 30%, as long as the sponsor meets the minimum necessary income. Income requirements for 2022 have not been released yet. Requirements will be updated in the upcoming weeks.
  • Undertaking Financial Responsibility: As a sponsor, you must commit to providing financial support for your parents or grandparents, ensuring they do not require social assistance from the government. The length of the undertaking is 20 years.
  • No Outstanding Debts: You should not have any outstanding immigration loans, default on alimony or child support, or be in bankruptcy.
  • Age Requirement: You must be 18 to sponsor your parents or grandparents.

The Application Process

  • Interest to Sponsor Form: The first step is to submit an “Interest to Sponsor” form online when it becomes available. This form helps IRCC gauge the demand for the PGP program and invites potential sponsors to submit complete applications. So far, IRCC is utilizing interest to sponsor form submitted in 2020. They are not accepting any new expression of interest.
  • Invitation to Apply: If selected through the random draw, you will receive an “Invitation to Apply” from IRCC. IRCC is expected to issue 24,200 ITA starting October 10. This invitation will include detailed instructions on how to submit your sponsorship application.
  • Complete Application Package: Once you receive an Invitation to Apply, you must gather all necessary documents, including income tax returns, proof of relationship, and other supporting documents. Ensure that you meet the document submission deadline. Application to IRCC must be submitted Online using the PR portal. 
  • Processing Time: Processing times can vary, but IRCC aims to finalize applications within a reasonable time frame. Be prepared for potential delays and contact IRCC for updates on your application status.
  • Medical Examination and Background Check: Your sponsored relatives may need to undergo medical examinations and provide a Police clearance certificate and security checks as part of the application process.
  • Issuance of Permanent Residence: Once the assessment is complete, IRCC will issue the necessary documentation to confirm the PR status for your parents and grandparents. 


The Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program offers a valuable opportunity for family reunification in Canada. However, navigating the application process can be complex and time-consuming. It’s crucial to stay informed about program changes, meet the eligibility criteria, and submit a complete application package within the specified timelines. To enhance your chances of success, consider seeking assistance from Enclave Immigration, who can guide you through the process and help you reunite with your loved ones in the beautiful land of Canada. Remember, family reunification is a cherished value in Canada, and the PGP program is designed to make this dream a reality for many. Stay patient and persistent throughout the process, and you’ll be well on your way to welcoming your parents or grandparents to this welcoming nation in 2023. People ineligible to sponsor their parents and grandparents in 2023 may apply for a Supervisa or a visitor visa to unite with their loved ones. 

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