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Enclave Immigration Services is Immigration consulting firm that provides advice on matters pertaining to immigrating to Canada

At Enclave Immigration Services, we believe in integrity, honesty and giving right advice at all cost based on your individual circumstances. We will consider all the possible scenarios before advising on your situation. Immigration results are provided by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada which is an Independent body, hence we can not guarantee results. However, we ensure that we address all the aspects of your application and strive hard to get the positive outcome for your application.


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Our Mision

Our mission is help individuals achieve their goals to successfully migrate and settle to Canada based on their individual goals. Migrating to a new country can be very intimidating. Our consultant ensure that we are there to advise you not only to matter related to Immigration, but other areas where your require help to settle into new home "Canada"

Our Services

We offer full bouquet of Immigration services, starting from student services i.e. Getting admission to right designate learning institute, help with Student Visa Application, Other Temporary Visa Services, Permanent Residence Services, Immigration under Family class,Business Immigration, Extension of status in Canada, Citizenship application.


Meet Our Founders

Enclave Immigration Services has been founded by Vikramjeet Singh. He is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in Good Standing with CICC and CAPIC. He himself immigrated to Canada as a student and understand the issues faced by new Immigrants

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Educational Partners

Enclave Immigration Services Provides educational Services in partnership with Educations Consultants of Canada, who have placed more than 15000+ student in over 200+ colleges and 4000+ programs in Canada. Their head office is in Canada, with branches in India and Philippines.

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Working Together, We Can Help

If you are an immigration company looking for partnership with an ICCRC member in Good standing, please reach out to us.

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Yes, you can immigrate to Canada as a student. Obtain a study permit, study at a designated institution, and consider a Post-Graduation Work Permit for potential permanent residency options.

  • Getting an immigration license is a very complicated and rigorous process. A licensed immigration consultant needs to stay updated with the latest immigration rules and regulations. They need to pass the regulatory exam and spend hours keeping abreast of the changes. They make sure that your application meets the requirement programs and best present your application to IRCC.
  • The immigration program you qualify for depends on your individual circumstances. However, Express Entry is the most efficient immigration program designed for faster processing of applications with the best immigration consultants for Canada under Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade and Canadian Express Class. On Average, it take around 6 months to process permanent residence applications using this program.
  • Immigrating to a new country requires investments in form of time and money. Your success chances could be jeopardised if you miss important details in your application. Though it is not mandatory to use a Canadian immigration consultancy, however, it is highly advisable to use a qualified and regulated consultant that can advise you on each step of the process to ensure your application is successful and you realise your Canadian Dream.
  • First and foremost, your immigration consultant should be regulated and authorised to represent you for immigration matter. Secondly, they should have expertise and knowledge about the immigration law and process to be followed in complex cases and scenarios. Finally, Consultant should always uphold and exhibit traits of honesty, candid and responsiveness.
  • Becoming a Canada Immigration consultant is a complex and time-consuming process. Consultants have to go through the immigration law program and continuous skills upgrades. They are well versed with Canadian Law and present your situation in the best possible case to IRCC to ensure a high success rate for your immigration application.
  • Cost of hiring a immigration consultant varies depending on the complexity of your case. However, cost of hiring best immigration consultant in Brampton should not deter you from hiring them as they could really help you submit a complete application to IRCC.
  • Look for licensed best immigration consultants registered with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Canadian government department responsible for immigration.
  • You can first verify the license status of your immigration consultant by visiting the CICC website. You can also review their website, social media and customer rating. Please also ask for an expertise area for your consultant to ensure that this is the best immigration consultant that will be able to help with your specific immigration matter.