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June 28, 2022BY Amit Garg ( 0 ) Comment


Canada is a receptive country that openly welcomes foreigners to study, live and work in its large and diverse nation. However, entering the country legally can be a rigorous process. It might be confusing deciding what to apply for and how to apply because there are so many various immigration regulations, laws, and visa options available. One of the easiest ways to navigate this process is through the assistance of registered Canadian immigration consultants. You can access the service of an Authorised Canadian immigration expert through online websites like ours. On these websites, you can find resources and articles related to the Canadian immigration process and different pathways to the country. 


Who qualifies as a registered immigration consultant in Canada is clearly defined on the Government of Canada website.  It states that in order to offer and charge fees for immigration services such as providing advice and guidance in immigration applications as well as submitting applications on behalf of applicants, you must be a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). 

Immigration consultants licensed by the college are referred to as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC). RCIC is different from Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIA) who are only permitted to guide and support you specifically through the process of applying for a study permit. RISIA unlike RCIC cannot submit applications for you. A person after complying with all the college’s regulations may be licensed to function in both capacity as a RISIA and RCIC where necessary. 

To be registered by the CICC, an RCIC must have fulfilled certain academic requirements specified by the college, be of 18 years and above, completed a year-long certification program, and passed the Entry-to-Practice Exam (RCIC EPE). Only Canadian Permanent Residents and Citizens are eligible to sit for the EPE. They may practice from outside Canada as long as they are licensed by the college. 


You shouldn’t employ the services of an immigration consultant not in good standing with CICC because it puts you at the risk of having your application denied, disrupting your peace of mind, and wasting your time and money. The CICC will not have dealings with an unregistered representative. Fortunately, the CICC has made it easier for you to verify whether your immigration consultant is licensed or not. 

The CICC website has an online public register accessible to all globally to help you verify if a consultant is a licensee of the institution or not. It is possible that your immigration consultant does not appear on the public register, you can further verify their authenticity by checking the Government of Canada website.  All the names on the register are recognized to be active in practice and permitted to represent a client before Citizenship and Immigration Canada since they are an Authorised representative as defined by the

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) and its regulations. You can search for RICC on CICC website by registration number, name,  location, and licensing status. The website contains a comprehensive list of different licensing statuses and their implications. Only RCICs with an active status can offer valid immigration services.


  1. Go to the CICC website here 
  2. Click on the alphabetical arrangement of the last names of all RCIC and browse through the results to find the name of your consultant
  3. You also have the advanced search option to search by name or location. Input all your immigration consultants necessary details and wait for the results. 

A licensed consultant will not hesitate to provide their identification number to you for verification. 


Top Canadian immigration consultants can help you fulfill your migration dreams in a variety of ways. They handle all of your paperwork for you, arrange any necessary meetings with officials, and keep up with Canada’s intricate immigration laws and regulations. Immigration consultants can’t guarantee access for you but they can ease the burden of the process for you. 

It’s in your best interest to employ not just a registered consultant but one who has the necessary expertise and experience to aid your immigration journey.  Here’s a consultancy that offers top Canadian immigration services.


Enclave Immigration Services is a top Canadian immigration consultancy that operates with transparency, integrity, and honesty. Their consultants have helped thousands of people through the immigration process. They are notable in the field because they ensure that the right advice is given to you based on your circumstances. All possible scenarios are considered in relation to your situation. Their consultants are RCICs licensed by the CICC. You can find their identification number readily displayed on their website for quick verification. 


A registered Canadian immigration consultant can save you from a lot of headaches and fraud. You have to do your due diligence in ensuring that you have contracted the services of an active licensed consultant in good standing with the CICC. We hope this article will help you in avoiding contracting an unauthorised consultant.

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